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We here at FK/DENTAL believe that everyone deserves happiness, joy and the quality of life that comes with a beautiful, healthy smile. It is an absolute privilege to help people achieve their best smiles because a smile can literally change a life--for the person giving the smile as well as the person receiving it. Smiles radiate confidence and can add brightness, joy, and warmth to a day. There is nothing we are more passionate about than bringing smiles to our patients through the work we do and the way we do it.

“Our commitment is to treat each patient with care and respect as we address his or her specific needs, concerns, and goals.”

To make this happen, we handpicked a specialized, talented team of professionals from every area of dentistry. This way, we are able to treat everyone, young and old, and from all walks of life, with whatever they may need.

Driven by a passion for dentistry and a desire to continuously learn, we invest in the latest and most modern materials and techniques to provide the highest quality care for our patients. Most importantly, aside from our dexterous hands, what we share with our patients is our love for this wonderful profession and our passion for approaching each day and case with heart and soul. This is what drives our practice and makes it all worthwhile.

The Team

Dr. Dorottya Frank Ph.D.

University adjunct, orthodontist,
part owner of FK/DENTAL, and sports fanatic

She is innovative, precise, and a perfectionist when it comes to your smile. Dr. Frank's passion for the profession led her to complete her training in Hungary, Austria, USA, and Japan. Since 2008, she has attained a number of grants and worked on several serious research projects. As part of her commitment to education, she also teaches English and Hungarian dental students at the University of Pécs. In 2011, she realized her true passion was orthodontics and has been specializing in that ever since.

Dr. Dorottya Frank Ph.D.

Dr. Béla Kolarovszki

Dr. Béla Kolarovszki

Dentist, oral surgeon,
part owner at FK/DENTAL

You will find him to be extraordinarily kind and lighthearted. His is a calm, precise surgeon with a positive aura that radiates confidence. He absolutely adores gastronomy. Dr. Kolarovszki received his diploma in dentistry in 2008. Since then, he has worked in outpatient oral surgery, inpatient wards, and now in private practice where he continues to put smiles on his patients. Since 2014, he has been actively involved in teaching both the German and Hungarian dental programs.

Dr. Dóra Kende

Dentist, conservative/aesthetic dentistry professional and a beautiful spirit

To her, dentistry is an art. She performs her work in a calm and peaceful manner and excels at smile design, smile aesthetics, and root canal treatment. For nine years, she worked at the University Clinic serving patients. She also taught student doctors in the English and Hungarian programs before going into private practice.

Dr. Dóra Kende

Dr. Iván Mandel

Dr. Iván Mandel

Dentist, periodontist

Our team’s musician, bass player, and a master of gum diseases and oral mucosa. He is patient, never leaves a problem unsolved, and is not familiar with superficiality. Since 2005, he has been working in general dentistry and in 2008 began specializing in periodontology. He developed his expertise at the University Clinics and private practices. He is currently involved with teaching and research.

Dr. Nóra Stáczer

Dentist, oral surgeon

Fencing, kayaking, aerial dance, she literally feels at home anywhere—on the ground, in the air, or in the water. But we like her best when she is sweeping clients and colleagues off our feet with her amazing Hollywood smile. Better still, she has a warm heart and calming energy that can comfort anyone. After getting her degree at the University Oral Surgery Department, she perfected her skills in private practice. She currently works with the Pediatric Department of the University Dental Clinic as well.

Dr. Nóra Stáczer

Barbara Hernesz

Barbara Hernesz

Dental assistant and hygienist

Barbara is the energetic and indispensable member of the team who makes us all smile the way she coordinates and organizes our lives. Calmness seemingly bores her. Barbara's special gift is her ability to find common ground with everyone.


Tooth whitening
Orthodontics, invisible orthodontics
Root canal treatment
Oral Surgery
Dental Implants
Consultation, Preventive dentistry
Prosthodontics-fixed/partial dentures
Pediatric dentistry
Restorative, cosmetic dentistry
Wisdom tooth removal
Smile design

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